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Trying to maintain market share or opening up a new market... how can this be realized by using Intellectual Property?

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In possession of important know-hows... but how to protect them effectively?

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Having the idea of reducing operating cost in business… and where do I start?

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Want to get the procedures done all on your own but not knowing the best practices?

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Intellectual Property (IP), in a general sense, refers to “any information that has value”.
When talking about IP, people usually think of patents and copyrights. However, all the technologies, ideas, designs, trade secrets and know-hows that were newly born in a business setting fall in the category as being valuable information.
Besides, logo marks and product names will acquire such commercial value as trade credits and brand images after long term usage.
The Intellectual Property system is established to identify such IP as mentioned above as the property of those men who have created them and will therefore enjoy legal protection within a period of time.

As is narrated in The Art of War by Sun Tzu, the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. When a company gets involved in competitions against rival companies within the same market, where everyone struggles to gain an upper hand, it is not uncommon for price competitions and excess services to make their appearances. Rather than jumping in the crowds and joining the fight, it seems wiser to create a new market - a niche market as it might be - by providing new products and services of a higher value, where the company leads well ahead with its competitive edge. Nonetheless, new markets can not be possibly created through IP alone. It is proper management over IP, taking the form of new technologies and services, which contributes to the competitive edge of your company opens up the market for you yet without taking you down to the battle field.

Our firm was originally founded by late Mr. AKEO ISHII, Japanese patent attorney, in 1975. After organizational transformation, we are now providing IP services to clients as a corporate body.
Our firm also provides IP services covering a wide range of arenas through which we have been devoted to assisting clients from varied industries with their business development.
For example, when faced with such problems as maintaining market share against rival companies, and preventing parent company from placing orders with companies other than your own, it becomes easier to crack the nut if intellectual property rights like patents have been acquired and are readily available.