“Benrishi” service at ISHII

Making our customers recognize the value of everyday business information

Information and actions that we take for granted in our daily lives often hold unique value and become valuable assets. However, these assets can be overlooked because they seem so commonplace. To recognize them, the 3S of information management (systematize, sort, standardize) can be a shortcut to identifying valuable assets.

By systematizing information that we had taken for granted within the company, we can identify 'valuable information' - intellectual property - that may be buried. Next, by sorting the 'valuable information,' we can categorize it into 'information that should be protected as intellectual property rights' and 'information that should be kept confidential and not disclosed to external parties (trade secrets).' Furthermore, by standardizing the process of organizing and systematizing information, we can create a culture within the company or organization that values intellectual property, and intellectual property can become a useful tool (intellectual property strategy) to support our customers' business management.
Patent attorneys ISHII&CO. supports the discovery of "intellectual property" buried within our customers through the 3S of information management (systematize, sort, and standardize)